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5 Tips On Planning Your Next Family Adventure

Trying to plan a perfect holiday on The Bellarine with your family? Well it’s not as hard as you think. If you stick to these

5 hot tips while planning the holiday, you will be organised and feel in total control!

Look out for Discounts. There are many holiday rental sites, with one house listed on multiple sites. The closer you book your accommodation the more likely you will be to snag yourself a bargain. This website offers a range of homes that are also listed on other sites, but this site offers the best rates on the net. Restaurants ad tourist activities will often offer discounts for family members younger than a certain age so be sure to search for these types of activities to keep your budget low.

Keep your schedule full!   Make sure there is always something for the kids to do. (And this doesn’t mean spending money). We have a range of child friendly holiday homes that have private playgrounds, pool tables, cubby houses, lots of indoor activities including fooz ball, and our popular retro activities such as arcade machines. Be sure to ask which homes are specifically designed for kids before you book.

Lugging along the necessities. The Bellarine has some of the best oppe shops around, with locals often commenting on the oppe shop busses coming from Melbourne just to hunt through our wares. If you are travelling by plane (or not), consider popping into one of our 7 or 8 oppe shops in Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads for the bulky items such as prams.

Is the right time Summer?   If you ask a local you will most likely be told no! Autumn, winter and spring on The Bellarine are epic. The crowds are down, you can navigate your way around the car parks with relative ease, the mild days are tranquil, and there is an abundance of activities to do. Skydiving, scenic flights to the 12 Apostles, golf, nature reserved, mini golf, wineries, retail therapy and the indoor swimming adventure pool for toddlers are a few examples.

Make a Budget and Stick to it!

Trips can be pricey – it all adds up. Many times the expenses build up once you have actually arrived. It is important to set a budget for your holiday and stick to it. Meals are expensive. Renting a holiday home from us ensures you are renting a home with a fully self contained kitchen which will slash big bucks to any budget. Setting strict expectations with your kids helps them to understand ahead of time what they can ask for.

Family holidays can create some of the best memories that your children will have.  Make the most of your stay on The Bellarine and enjoy!

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