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Do We Want WIFI on Holidays?

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

To include WIFI as a key feature at a holiday home is just as much a dilemma for property managers as it is for guests.

On any given day I will receive calls requesting a home that simply must have wifi, and then a follow up of two or three emails before they arrive just to make 100% sure they will have WIFI, and to reconfirm passwords.  It is not uncommon to leave one call only to have another request come in for a home that is as far from the closest Teltra tower possible.

We are all so overloaded with data, social media, work, games and the list goes on.  Are we addicted, or can we enjoy a beach holiday for the beach, and leave technology home?   Do you love or loathe when you cannot get WIFI on holiday?  No WIFI means less chance of being interrupted right?  Well, maybe not if you have kids.  I find that most of the calls I receive from people wanting WIFI are from parents.   Luckily for them (and us!), we have a range of family friendly homes at different price points that cater for us tech heads who just cannot live without the net!   Check out King Tide Townhouse, High Tide House and Bell Air which all have free WIFI .... and don't forget to wander over to the beautiful beach during your stay as well. 

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