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NDIS Accommodation With Ceiling Hoists. It's About Catering to Everyone in our Community!

Ceiling hoists in holiday accommodation is rare. But Ocean Grove now has not 1 but 2 holiday apartments fully equipped with accessible bathrooms, duel height kitchen benchtops, no-lip entrances, hospital beds and ceiling hoists! This is not about catering to one sector of our community - it is about being accessible for everyone. Our world is just so inaccessible but when a home, and a business decides to cater for everyone in our community, everyone wins.

Ceiling Hoist Disability Accommodaiton
Bell Air "4" Accessible Bedroom with Ceiling Hoist

Ceiling hoists are an obvious 'next step' to provide person-centered services to our participants and guests. But as important, is the reduction in physical stress among care-givers. Ceiling hoists require fewer assistants to provide care in transferring a person and less time than manouvering mobile hoists.

Great Ocean Stays has a wheelchair accessible range of homes called Bell Air. There are 4 homes in the complex, each of which allow seamless wheelchair access in a non-clinical environment. The homes are beautifully maintained and decorated to provide a feeling of space, comfort and ease of manoeuverability around the homes

Bell Air "3" and Bell Air "4" each now have a 240 kg ceiling hoist. This has come at a time when our growing number of people with spinal cord injuries come to stay and provide feedback to us that a ceiling hoist would make their stay so much for comfortable. We listened!

The ceiling hoists provide comfort and ease for the users, and supports vertical and lateral transfers with minimal manual manipulations. Great Ocean Stays is committed to providing the ultimate care and support for our guests. If a guest has an NDIS plan, we are usually able to work within that plan to create an improved liveability experience for them, and their support team and family.

The advantages of providing ceiling hoists to our participants include:

  • Improved dignity and safety for anyone using the hoist, including the participant

  • Less transfers for the participant

  • Increased job satisfaction for support people

The tracks run the width of the bedrooms at both Bell Air homes, and do not extend into the bathroom areas.

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