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Our Top 3 Wheelchair Accessible Cafes In Barwon Heads. Hold On! Make that Top 2 With a Twist.

A trip to Barwon Heads is not complete without coffee and brunch. After all, the region is well known as a foodie destination too!

We have put together our 3 top picks for wheelchair accessible wine and dine experiences....

1. At The Heads.

The iconic At The Heads restaurant is located on the jetty at Barwon Heads, and with unparelled views of the Barwon River and ocean, who could resist a visit!? The moment you step inside this beautifully designed restaurant you'll feel like you are on holiday. There is very good ramped access into the building, with ramped access all the way around which connects on either end to the footpath that continues along to either the main shopping strip, or to the bluff area. At The Heads prides itself on sourcing local and seasonally grown produce to showcase the best of the region year round.

2. BeachHouse Barwon Heads

Once the towns old Fire Brigade building, the BeachHouse in Barwon Heads is a favourite among locals - if it's good enough for the locals, it's got to be good! With ramped access and excellent accessible toilets, the restaurant itself has a spacious floor plan. The food is a selection of modern Australian cuisine, with steak and seafood regulars on the menu.

Located in the towns main street of Hitchcock Avenue, it is easily accessible by footpaths from pretty much anywhere in central Barwon Heads.

3. I would love to have written about Number 3! And isn't it a social injustice that I cannot. There are so many beautiful coffee spots in the town, but none of them (or none that I could find) offer a high degree of physciall accessibility suitable for a range of mobility limitations. Barwon Orange offers awesome coffee and has a decent ramp along the side of the cafe, however upon entry, it is quite difficult to manouvre a wheelchair due to the sheer size of the cafe. There are double doors into the cafe, but there is a church pew and table partly blocking the doors when fully open. I would highly recommend going to Barwon Orange, but go there with the knowledge that neither the inside of the cafe or their toilets are particulally accessible.

A huge positive is the ATTITUDE of the staff. I have found it nothing short of fabulous every time I have been there (almost daily over 10 years). They still offer plastic straws for people with disabilities (I use one to drink as a result of facial paralysis), but they offer paper straws too.

So, even though Barwon Orange isn't the hands down most accessible cafe in town, it's a winner for attitude and their coffee is great.

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