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Searoad Ferries - Queenscliff to Sorrento

Searoad Ferries offers excellent facilities and easy boarding for passengers with special needs. Please make sure you identify yourself when collecting your boarding pass at the ticketing windows so that we can assist you.

If we are aware of your needs we can make sure your car is within easy access to the lift, arrange for extra wide space for wheelchair access to vehicles in parking lanes, direct foot passengers to designated waiting areas or provide assistance with foot passenger for boarding.

Both ferries are roll on/roll off. Boarding the ferry is very simple and easy via the car deck. There is a small lip to manoeuvre over where the ramp of the ferry sits on the ground.

There is a lift on the Car Deck of both ferries which will take you up to the Lounge Deck.


There is disabled parking at both terminals. Sorrento passengers please note that access to the foot passenger terminal is near the end of the pier.


At the Ticket Window please identify that you require assistance. Foot passengers board via the Car Deck which has a lift to the Lounge Deck.

If you require assistance to embark/disembarkation Searoad Ferries has a wheelchair available at both Sorrento and Queenscliff Terminals. Staff will assist passengers to/from the foot passenger ticket office and to/from the ferry lift.


Take the lift from the Lounge Deck to the car deck and wait at the lift until all cars have disembarked. Once the deck is clear please follow crew instructions for departure or ask for assistance.

Please note during the peak summer period from 26 December to mid January Searoad Ferries runs an additional ferry service in conjunction with our standard ferry services. This is a small ferry – the Peninsula Princess. This ferry is not suitable for passengers with special needs.

Bay Wildlife

The bay is home to various wildlife including seals, gannets, dolphins and migratory whales. Victoria's unique bottlenose dolphins are permanent residents of Port Phillip Bay and can be spotted from the vessel often putting on a show! During winter Humpback and Southern Right whales visit the Bay as they migrate down the coast.

Searoad Ferries is at 1 Warf St Queenscliff

Facts and Questions: https://www.searoad.com.au/FAQs

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